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Container Self Storage

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Willbox® is a national shipping container and site accommodation supplier, with 23 strategically located depots across the UK. Our in-house transport division, self-storage site set-up consultancy and conversions divisions ensures we’re able to assist customers across their entire journey, while limiting the economical and environmental impact on their business or vision.


Container Storage Update 2022 | Container 1.6

Jerry shares an update on his container storage acquisition during lockdown. He shares the numbers and lessons so far plus a few tips for those looking to invest in this market.  Lots of our listeners continue to show interest in this business model, so we thought it was about time to give an update on

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Dean Booty| Hacking Self Storage | Container 1:6

Self-storage operator Dean Booty shares some amazing insights into this massively growing industry. We talk about how investors can start and scale to take advantage of the growth opportunities within Self storage. Dean’s enthusiasm for the industry is infectious but he really does back that up with a sharp focus on the real numbers and

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Chris Williams of Willbox- Major Container Supplier | Container 1.5

In this exciting final episode of the Container Storage mini series, learn from experienced industry pro, Chris Williams. As a major supplier of Container Storage units, Chris has a unique view of this growing market. He answers lots of the questions you have asked during the series and many more. His inside knowledge is both

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Marketing & Finding Customers for Container Storage | Container 1.4

Jerry walks us through some of the key considerations he has experienced through marketing and finding customers for container storage sites including: Price when starting out Analysing gaps in the market Location & Signage Diversifying offerings …and much more. A huge thank you to Willbox who are sponsoring this Container Storage mini series 👏 They

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Operations & Hidden Costs for Shipping Containers | Container 1.3

When setting up a container offering it is important to understand some of the operational factors and hidden costs. Some sites can work really well, but others can be very capital intensive and make this cash-flowing strategy a big distraction. Listen to this episode to learn how to minimise your capital expenditure and to calculate

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Finding, Funding & Analysing Storage Sites | Container 1.2

In this second episode of our container storage mini-series, Jerry shares some of his experiences with 3 key areas of the storage container business: Finding & Analysing sites Funding Cashflow tips A huge thank you to Willbox who are sponsoring this Container Storage mini series 👏 They are currently offering all podcast listeners a free

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