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Mastermind & Accountability Programme

Kickstarting 18th August 2022

Learn how to take advantage of the opportunities to scale your property portfolio with the addition of cash flowing commercial properties

I’ve been investing in Commercial Property for over 15 years including during the last downturn. And since having success in the industry I’ve had many people turn to me for advice…  How can I get started? Or what steps can I take to grow my existing portfolio?

Queue our Mastermind and Accountability programme.

I’ve done the dirty work and now I’m here to teach you everything I know! Sharing the many tips and techniques I’ve learned along the way to help make your process faster and easier to navigate. Together we can spend time developing your strategy, growing your assets and making sure you stay accountable to your goals.

So what do you say, are you ready to get your commercial property journey off to the right start?
The Programme

What You'll Get

Join us for our last ever Getting Started in Commercial Property Mastermind & Accountabilty Programe. Over the course of 9 months this mastermind will help you understand and demystify the different layers in which the commercial property market operates and learn to identify gaps in the market. You will be able to move forward with more knowledge and confidence to build commercial cash flow into your portfolio.

business lounge Dundee
  • 1-2-1 with jerry
  • 9 monthly mastermind sessions 
  • 9 deal analysis sessions
  • 9 podcast Q&A sessions
  • Minimum of 2 site visits to real commercial businesses and in-person sessions
  • Access to contract templates and resources
  • Plus a Whatsapp group to keep in touch with Jerry and your peers throughout each month to share your ideas and challenges.

How You'll Benefit


Introduction to the commercial property market, strategies and tips to get you started


Commercial Multiple Occupancy model. Get an in-depth view of this unique and exciting cash-flowing strategy including behind the scenes site visits

Finding & Negotating Deals

Learn how to get started with your first commercial property and develop a portfolio of cash generating buildings

Deal Analysis and P&L

Determine whether a deal is good or bad, by examining the details and studying the numbers

Business Structures & Tax

Understand how to create tax efficient business structures and processes


Discover how to raise commercial finance including private finance and SSAS Pensions

Market Analysis

Identify how to establish demand and find gaps in the market

Finding Customers

Learn how to market your space effectively and increase your building occupancy

Creative Space Design

Be able to maximize the use of space and create striking environments while meeting building regulations.

Space Management

Keep up-to-date with the latest space management software, booking platforms and tech to keep your building operating smoothly.


This programme is designed to provide support and accountability to keep you on track with regular check-ins


How to develop commercial assets with significantly more cash-flow in comparison to residential investments

Limited Time


Get into the swim early with 6 free bonus sessions when you sign up today!

Taking Place in June & July

2 x introductory sessions with Jerry

2 x extra deal analysis sessions and

2 x extra podcast Q&A sessions.

These pre-start bonus sessions are designed to help set the stage for the next 9 months. Jerry will present a comprehensive introduction to the world of Commercial Property, citing industry trends, market size, ROI, and much more. We’ll also cover some of the basic terminology used in the industry, so you can brush up on your knowledge and begin the course with your best foot forward.


Over 70% of previous attendees have now bought or are in the final steps of buying a commercial property.

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This is the LAST time this course will ever run so get in quick- it is now or never!

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* 10% discount for full payment in advance only. Discounted price for full payment in advance only. Otherwise a payment plan is available:

£800 initial payment followed by 9 monthly instalments of £400.

Please note all prices are subject to VAT.

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