Costs From The Day Of Transaction Through To Full Redevelopment


Show Notes

As a follow on from the episode from the 8th of Feb about hidden transaction costs, I talk through the costs and actions that need to be factored from the date of the transaction until the commercial property is refurbished and let out. 

It is all the little things that add up and some new investors are not aware of when they calculate the project viability.

I cover 3 distinct parts:

  1. Considerations when carrying out a transaction, as a buyer.
  2. Costs to account for between the purchase and build-out, essentially for professionals, which may have to come out of your pocket.
  3. Ongoing costs once you have the keys, even while the property is empty and nobody is using it.

This episode is for those who want to know about any hidden costs once they are holding an unoccupied commercial property, whilst waiting for planning, building works or for a client to move in. 


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