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Residential Vs. Commercial Property Investing Explained.

Do you already have some Residential and you’re on the fence? Is Commercial for you? Today we are going to discuss some key differences between Residential and Commercial property investing to help answer these two questions for you (and help you make a decision on your investing strategies). It’s important to know a Pension pot

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Growth Mindset & Overcoming Challenges In Commercial Property

This time, I talk about the importance of maintaining a growth mindset in the commercial property investing industry, emphasising the value of continuous learning, resilience, and creativity in overcoming challenges and achieving success. I share personal experiences and strategies for managing stress, staying motivated, and fostering a growth-oriented mindset, and encourage you to embrace challenge,

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3 Vital Components For Successful Property Investing

We are talking all about Perspective today; “Every now and then we need to step back from the coal face and review.” Whats working? what’s not producing the right results? Systems and processes are always vastly important but sometimes neither of these are helping you past a roadblock to help. Are you making headway or

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Clockwise & Historic Building Conversion with Alexandra Livesey [Hospitality in Flex Space]

This time I’m talking to Alexandra Livesey from Clockwise, a company specialising in transforming historical buildings into flexible workspaces. Alexandra discusses Clockwise’s rapid growth from 3 to 16 buildings (and counting) across four countries in just a few years. She emphasises the importance of understanding and respecting the local community and heritage of each building,

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Should I Ever Go Full Time In Property?

I look into the question of whether one should go full-time in property investment. I have seen this question a few times lately and it is not about “should i quit my job”, but rather should I ever go full time in property even if I have the income to do so. Drawing from personal

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What Are Our Top Five Biggest Commercial Property Annual Expenses?

This time, I share the top five business expenses of running a multilet commercial flexspace portfolio, incurred by our business over the past financial year. I’ll provide you with a detailed breakdown of costs, including energy, staffing, interest payments, maintenance, and cleaning. Through a comparison with the previous year, I highlight the significant increases in

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From World Amateur Kick Boxing Champion to Project Management of Multi Million £ Developments – with Gary Wilson

I talk to special guest Gary Wilson, about all aspects of project development in the construction industry. Gary shares his extensive experience in construction, project management, and sales, providing valuable insights and lessons learned from his career. We look at topics such as the challenges of managing larger developments, the importance of trust and honesty

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SSAS Funded CMO’s and Aparthotel Developments with Stephen Gallagher

In this episode, I interview Stephen Gallagher, a commercial property investor, who shares insights into his background in aerospace engineering and financial services, as well as his journey into property investment. He discusses his investment model with SSAS and details a successful project in Wishaw near Glasgow, where he transformed a CMO (Commercial Multiple Occupancy)

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