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Trust Your Gut Or Ignore It At Your Peril

I explore the importance of trusting your gut as a savvy investor, emphasising the need to pay attention to signals and cues from potential clients, particularly in terms of communication and decision-making.  I highlight the significance of clear vision and business acumen in successful deals, urging you to trust your instincts when something doesn’t feel

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What Is The Best Commercial Property Strategy For Beginners?

This time, I address a common question: what is the best commercial property investment strategy for beginners? I share my own experiences in the world of commercial property investing, dispelling any glamorous notions and highlighting the practical challenges i’ve faced. I also discuss the importance of taking action and getting started, even if it means

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How Can You Tell If A Customer Is Being Unfaithful?

This week, I’m exploring the topic of identifying signs that a customer may be considering moving on to a different property partner. Drawing parallels to personal relationships, I talk about the importance of recognising subtle clues that indicate a client’s potential unfaithfulness. From changes in behavior and communication patterns to secretive property searches and hesitations

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Is 2024 Going To Be A Good Year For Commercial Property Investing?

Let’s address the question on every investor’s mind: Is 2024 a good year to dive into commercial real estate? Turns out, the answer to this question is highly personal and depends on each investor’s circumstances. I’ll share my observations of the market, noting that while there were some challenges towards the end of last year,

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What Is The Problem On The High Street

This time, I talk about the challenges and opportunities facing high streets in the UK, sharing my own experiences as a commercial property investor and operator, as well as insights from working with other investors in the industry. I’ll talk you through various factors affecting high streets, such as business rates, parking, transport, planning, and

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John Macaulay On Does A Niche Audience Work In Flexspace?

This time, I’m talking to John McCauley, the founder of Grit Studios, a unique niche in the commercial property market. John shares his journey of merging his passion for art with his property expertise, creating a thriving community of artists in Stockport and Manchester. He discusses the challenges and successes of building a brand and

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The End Of Year Review For 2023

In this episode I thought it was time to review the goals we had for 2023 and share my plans and expectations for the upcoming year. There were a few including increasing monthly turnover, improving energy costs, finding a new location, and developing The CPI network. Have listen to seemhow they all turned out. I

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An interview with Anthony Boyce of The Rocket Group

I talk to Anthony from Rocket Group, a multi-disciplinary property development company, who shares his experiences of developing and running multiple businesses within Rocket group. From investing & developing to architecture and even archaeology.  He talks about his background in architecture and his transition into property development., and then we delve into specific projects, such

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