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Office RnD – with Miro Miroslavov

Join me in this exciting episode as I sit down with Miro Miroslavov from OfficeRnD, a renowned prop tech software company. Together, we uncover the fascinating evolution of their software and highlight its crucial role in tackling the unique challenges of managing flexible workspace. Miro guides us through the company’s growth and their strategic approach

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Leasing Social Housing – with Will Mallard

I talk to Will Mallard about social housing in the commercial property sector. Will shares insights into the complexities of the sector, including the various categories of social housing and supported housing. He discusses how he got involved in social housing and provides examples of projects he has worked on. The conversation delves into the

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Unveiling the Secrets of Self-Storage Success with Dean Booty

I’m joined once again by the marvellous Dean Booty, to discuss the ins and outs of the self-storage industry. Dean shares insights into his successful self-storage business, including the expansion from three to six sites in a short period. We delve into topics such as site acquisitions, revenue management, pricing strategies, and the impact of

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Navigating the Budget Landscape: An Update from Adam Lawrence

I’m joined once more by Adam Lawrence, to focus on the impact of the recent budget on property investors. We discuss various aspects such as tax thresholds, capital gains tax, multiple dwellings relief, and the potential effects of upcoming elections on the property market. Adam shares his insights on navigating the current economic landscape and

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Our Very First Commercial Property: How, Why & What We Learnt

I share insights into why I ventured into commercial real estate, how I found the project through networking and the process of financing the property. I delve into the specifics of the building, its initial condition, and the gradual transformation it underwent to increase its income and value, reflecting on the lessons learned from this

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How Much Should You Charge For Your Commercial Space?

I answer the crucial question of determining the optimal pricing for commercial spaces. I examine the significance of differentiation in setting prices and the importance of continuous testing to find the sweet spot in the market, and share insights on observing competition, exploring unique selling points, and adapting pricing strategies to suit the specific needs

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What Is The Fundamental Benefit Of The CMO Strategy?

What are the differences between traditional asset management and the unique approach taken by CMO property development. I’ll discuss the importance of adding long-term value through active redevelopment and ongoing refurbishment of neglected buildings, urging you to consider the long-term implications of certain buy and hold investment strategies and highlight the importance of actively driving

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How To Plan For Telecoms In Your Commercial Development & Can You Make Money From That Stuff Anyway? With Michael Crookston

I am joined by Michael Crookson to delve into the world of tech solutions for commercial properties. With over 20 years of experience, Michael shares insights on managed data, voice, and cabling solutions offered by Datel Solutions. The conversation covers the evolution of telephone systems from traditional lines to cloud-based solutions, emphasising the importance of

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Do You Truely Know The Long Term Cost Of Maintaining Properties?

The real cost of looking after properties long term is so overlooked. It’s a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of long-term property investment and it frustrates me to see investors who fail to properly consider the inevitable need for property refurbishment over time. Some base their numbers on the initial purchase and some refurbishment but

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