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The Surprises and Successes of Commercial Property Investing – with Chris and Andrew Of Brightstone Property

I talk to Chris and Andrew from Brightstone Spaces who discuss their journey in the property industry and their recent projects, sharing how they transitioned from residential property to commercial property, and highlighting the challenges and opportunities they encountered along the way. They delve into the details of two specific projects, including a shop and

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What Are The Differences Between Leased, Serviced, Managed and Flexspace?

This time, I aim to demystify the different types of commercial property arrangements: leased space, service space, managed space, and flex space. I’ll break down each type and explain their distinctions, highlighting the benefits and considerations for businesses and investors.  KEY TAKEAWAYS The different types of commercial space arrangements include leased commercial space, serviced commercial

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Turning a Department Store into 100 Units: The Bold Vision of Mark Homer

I’m joined by property investor Mark Homer, who discusses a fascinating commercial property project in Peterborough. The project involved the redevelopment of an 80,000 square foot department store that had been vacant since Marks and Spencer’s moved out in 2015. Mark shares the challenges he faced in acquiring the property and navigating the planning process.

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The Relationship Between Build Costs, Spec & Market Rate

This time, I’m discussing the importance of accurately evaluating build or redevelopment costs in commercial real estate, looking at the common mistake of applying residential or buy-to-let costing ideas to commercial properties and emphasising the need to understand the market demand and the quality of the final product. I’ll delve into the various factors that

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Insights From Being On The Road

I share some invaluable insights I recently gained upon my travels, focussing on topics such as selling, writing a book, raising finance, big projects, project management, social media insights, and build costs. I reflect on the importance of being unapologetic about selling and seeking feedback on sales techniques, and highlight the value of knowing exactly

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