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B2B Ep 12 – Building Relationships, Raising & Working With SSAS Funding: Stephen Sweeney

Today Stephen and I dive into the fascinating world of working with SSAS trustees in real estate investment projects. Our conversation centers around the essential elements of building relationships and trust with investors, as well as providing comprehensive project information and forecasts. We’ll share our personal experiences, including Stephen’s journey in finding investors and securing

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Noreen Preston: Evolving a traditional leased offering into Flexible Spaces

In this episode, Noreen and I sit down to discuss her remarkable journey with industrial and office space. Noreen shares her firsthand experience and the benefits of transforming traditional long-term leases into flexible multi-occupancy units. More an more traditional landlords are now trying to work out how to respond to the continuing change of customer

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B2B Ep 11 – Tax Advantages of Commercial Property

In this short episode I share some of the tax advantages of Commercial Property investment, many of which are simply not available to residential property investors.  As per usual, what I share in this episode is simply my experiences and some of the strategies we have utilised over the last 20 years. I am not

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