I'm Jerry Alexander

A passionate and seasoned investor with over 15 years of invaluable experience in the dynamic world of Commercial Property.

What sets me apart is not just my impressive portfolio of multi-million pound high cash flowing assets, but my unwavering commitment to sharing my knowledge and insights with aspiring investors like you. As an active and engaged investor, I’m not just sitting behind a desk – I’m out in the field, relentlessly seeking the next golden opportunity to enhance our investment portfolio.

Why trust me?

My journey in Commercial Property investment began over a decade ago, and it’s been an exhilarating ride filled with challenges, victories, and a wealth of practical learning. While I don’t claim to possess all the answers, my years of hands-on experience have equipped me with a unique perspective that I’m eager to pass on to you.

Real World Results

From acquiring and transforming properties into thriving assets to navigating the intricacies of the market, I’ve been there, done that, and am excited to guide you through the same journey. The success of my multi-million pound portfolio isn’t just a statistic – it’s a testament to the strategies, insights, and dedication that I’m eager to share with you.

Your Learning Partner

More than just an investor, I’m your learning partner – dedicated to helping you unravel the complexities of commercial property investing. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to fine-tune your strategies or a newcomer eager to dive into the exciting world of high cash flowing assets, I’m here to provide the guidance, mentorship, and practical know-how you need to succeed.

How it all began

From £385pm to a rental income over £100,000 per month.

Then Now

My background

I went to School in the Highlands and onto university. I was always focused on owning my own business so after a few short years of working for others I set off on my own path. Since then, I have developed various businesses and income streams. Property was something I did on the side for quite a while until I had a light bulb moment with a commercial development. Then it became the main thing.

Not many people know this, but I actually have an Honours degree in Building Engineering and Management. Which you would think would be very handy! But even though I have re-developed several million pounds worth of properties I can honestly say I have hardly used a thing that I was taught in those four years.

Where we invest

Central belt & East coast of Scotland

What we invest in

I started out with the residential buy, refurb, rent, refinance strategy. Before moving into the less competitive world of Commercial property investing.

We now have a portfolio consisting of CMO (Commercial Multiple occupancy) properties, industrial, self storage, coworking and venue spaces. We have focused on investments that produce significant cashflow. By redeveloping and operating older properties we have been able to create a higher value offer for customers which in turn brings a strong capital uplift. 

Tell your money how you want to live your life, not the other way around.

As part of our authentic approach, most of the images used throughout our published materials are of our own properties and not just generic photos, showing genuine progress and success. Whenever possible we hold workshops and events at our own locations to allow attendees the opportunity to look around at least one of our investments. A tour of the property is often given as part of the event including answering any questions people may have about the history and operational side of each project. 

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