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Wedding venue : Wedderlie Castle update with Jamie Fraser

In this episode I am joined again by my good friend Jamie Fraser, who shares an update with us on the last two years of trading. He previously shared his experience of transforming a 500-year-old castle into an exclusive rural wedding venue. We discuss the challenges the team have faced during the last two-years, including

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Linda Martin – Hair By The Chair

I’m joined by my good friend Linda Martin to discuss her second commercial property purchase, a hair salon. Linda shares how she came across the deal and her initial plan to only purchase the building, not the business. However, after realising the potential and the loyal clientele of the salon, she decided to buy the

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Steven Clark on Projects Of Scale

I welcome back Steven Clark to discuss the importance of scaling in the property investment industry. We delve into the mindset shift required when transitioning from smaller residential projects to larger commercial ones, and Steven shares his own experiences of scaling up his property portfolio, including buying residential property portfolios and HMOs at a larger

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Location Location Location

This time round, I’m exploring the famous mantra of “location, location, location” and questioning its significance in property investing. The concept of location can be misleading and oversimplified. It is super important to consider individual investment goals, investment style, and niche market.  KEY TAKEAWAYS The mantra of “location, location, location” is not the full picture

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State of the Market and Occupancy Calculations

In this episode I discuss our occupancy rates. I’ll share data from our own properties, revealing occupancy levels across various sites, and highlight the ongoing activity in the market, with multiple buildings being bought by our consultancy clients.  KEY TAKEAWAYS The commercial property market is still active and deals are happening, as evidenced by the

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Business Rates with Simon Green from Gerald Eve

I’m joined by Simon Green, the Head of Business Rates at Gerald Eve to discuss the complex world of business rates and the changes that have occurred since the recent revaluation. We talk about impact of the revaluation on different sectors, the tax take on business rates, and the direction of future changes in the

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