How to Borrow Money to Buy Commercial Property in the UK


Show Notes

“How do you borrow money to buy a commercial property in the UK?”

This is a question I get asked A LOT, especially by those new to commercial property investment. If you’ve been wondering about this yourself or need a refresher on the various options that are out there, then this episode is for you.

We’ll tackle some of the crucial questions every aspiring commercial property investor needs to know:

  • How do you borrow money for a commercial property in the UK?
  • How much deposit is needed?
  • The ins and outs of bank finance and alternative lending options
  • What factors affect your borrowing potential?
  • Tips for overcoming the challenges of securing finance

We’ll explore the basics of high street lending, including loan-to-value and deposit requirements, income serviceability, and the crucial role of demonstrating your own experience.

And as many of you might be thinking right now…

If you lack experience in commercial property, don’t discount your experience in other areas like residential property or business. It’s all about effectively showcasing your skillset, building relationships, and earning trust through your results. We all have to start somewhere.

Be sure to tune in to learn about the different ways to borrow money in the UK and enhance your knowledge, so that you can make the best decisions for your property investments. For more support or to dive deeper into the world of commercial property, make sure to join the CPI community and get in the swim.

If you want to learn more about investing in Commercial Property why not consider joining the CPI Network? A community of active investors who collaborate, share experiences and empower each other in their Commercial Property endeavours.

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