How To Plan For Telecoms In Your Commercial Development & Can You Make Money From That Stuff Anyway? With Michael Crookston


Show Notes

I am joined by Michael Crookson to delve into the world of tech solutions for commercial properties. With over 20 years of experience, Michael shares insights on managed data, voice, and cabling solutions offered by Datel Solutions. The conversation covers the evolution of telephone systems from traditional lines to cloud-based solutions, emphasising the importance of infrastructure planning and integration for seamless operations.

We give practical advice on optimising connectivity, future-proofing buildings with Cat6 cabling, and the benefits of embracing AI and automation in property management. 


  • Proper planning and consideration of connectivity options are crucial before investing in a property to avoid costly infrastructure challenges later on.
  • Emphasise the importance of future-proofing buildings by installing Cat6 cabling and structured infrastructure to support evolving technology needs.
  • Highlight the significance of early engagement with telecom experts to streamline operations and enhance tenant experiences.
  • Encourage developers to prioritise maintenance and refurbishment planning to avoid costly and disruptive issues in the future.


“Technology has evolved. Back in those times, a telephone system was there to simply make and take calls. But now we’re speaking to businesses about integration with third-party solutions.”

“We still provide what are called SIP channels for on-premise solutions, but a SIP channel is essentially using the internet to deliver voice.”

“Businesses don’t pay for calls any longer. That’s a thing of the past. So essentially, what we provide is a cloud license with a minutes bundle attached to it and a handset.”

“I think a real buzzword at the moment is automation. It’s integrating systems so that businesses can simplify operations and really enhance a customer, a client experience.”


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