Should I Ever Go Full Time In Property?


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I look into the question of whether one should go full-time in property investment. I have seen this question a few times lately and it is not about “should i quit my job”, but rather should I ever go full time in property even if I have the income to do so. Drawing from personal experience and observations, I talk about the different perspectives on this topic, emphasizing the importance of understanding one’s goals and circumstances before making such a decision. I’ll share my own journey of transitioning to full-time property investment, the potential challenges and benefits of doing so, and the considerations regarding income, experience, and opportunities in the property industry. 


  • Going full-time in property should be a decision based on individual circumstances, including financial stability and long-term goals.
  • It is essential to have a clear understanding of one’s financial situation and goals before transitioning to full-time property investment.
  • Balancing day-to-day income with long-term investment growth can be achieved through a dual strategy approach.
  • Seeking advice and gaining experience in the property industry is crucial, especially for individuals with significant income from other sources.
  • Collaboration and support from individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences can be beneficial in navigating the commercial property investment landscape.


“I’ve come across one or two podcasts and commentators saying that you should not be full-time in property, ever. And it made me think…”

“Full-time is the end goal and the starting point all in one. They want to be free from a boss or another business with the annoying customers and challenges it brings.”

“For a lot of people, getting started in residential, they’re sold, this is the outcome you’re after. Get yourself free.”

“The big difference for me was that I could choose to work in the business rather than invest from the outside of the business.”

“It’s just really important to understand where you’re at and where those gaps are and try and fill them.”


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