What Are The Differences Between Leased, Serviced, Managed and Flexspace?


Show Notes

This time, I aim to demystify the different types of commercial property arrangements: leased space, service space, managed space, and flex space.

I’ll break down each type and explain their distinctions, highlighting the benefits and considerations for businesses and investors. 


  • The different types of commercial space arrangements include leased commercial space, serviced commercial space, managed commercial space, and flex space.
  • Leased commercial space involves renting a physical space from a landlord for a fixed term, with the tenant responsible for managing and maintaining the space.
  • Serviced commercial space offers fully furnished and equipped office spaces with various services included, providing a turnkey solution for businesses.
  • Managed commercial space combines elements of lease space and service space, where the property owner or a third-party manager takes care of facility management while the tenant retains control over their individual office space. Flex space encompasses various flexible arrangements, such as co-working spaces, allowing businesses to rent workspace on a short-term or as-needed basis.


“It really frustrates me how many words and acronyms and different forms of foreign language that are used in this industry.” 

“And the flex space often offers shared amenities and generally tries to provide a collaborative environment, making it attractive to startups, freelancers, small businesses.” 

“The lease space offers that maximum control for businesses, but it does require long-term commitment and operational responsibility.” 

“Managed space offers that balance between control and shared facility management.”


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