Jordan Robb


“Well worth the small investment to attend this informal day going over all the fundamentals of commercial investment. Along with the focus on goal setting, not only thinking of your goals but how to set your criteria and achieve your goals. Great to see how Jerry has pulled together some of his projects and how he knows his industry. The content was well delivered and informative.”

Caroline Haxton

Scotia Cabins

“Fascinating day. Well worth the investment. Jerry gave a very practical oversight of his own projects, as well as giving information on the benefits and what to look out for when working with commercial properties. Highly recommended!”

George Wanless

LG Property Lets

“I would like to thank Jerry for a great introduction to commercial property, having invested in residential property for almost a decade, I had always seen commercial property investment as a dark art. However, following Jerry’s first “one day intensive” that darkness has lifted and with his real life examples, including various facts, figures and the ups and downs of commercial investment. I now have a good insight into commercial investment and can see the benefits of adding commercial property to my portfolio. From his focus and guidance on goal setting I have already arranged to view a few potential properties and hope to add these or others to my portfolio.”

Steven Clark

Noma Investments

“I attended the very first one day intensive introduction to commercial property course held by Jerry. I have been a residential property investor since 2006 and was keen to explore options to diversify into the commercial property space. I was blown away with the content that was delivered in one day, it was very interactive and gave me the foundation to start on my commercial investor journey. I would highly recommend attending this event.”

Colin Miller

Property Investment

“I’ve been fortunate to know Jerry for over 10 years and he’s one of the most entrepreneurial people I know. He’s passionate about commercial property investment and when I heard he was doing an introduction to commercial property investment training event I had no hesitation in signing up. The day did not disappoint. The event took place in one of Jerry’s commercial multi-let premises in Dundee and included a tour of the building. Jerry was happy to share the financial figures for a number of the property deals he had done and this helped illustrate the benefits of investing in commercial property. Jerry also helpfully outlined the criteria he has when looking for commercial property deals. Jerry is not someone who has been in property for 5 minutes and has then decided to do a training course. Jerry has ‘walked the walk’ and perfected his commercial multi-let model over the past 15 years. His knowledge of commercial property is excellent and I highly recommend his one day event to anyone considering investing in commercial property.”

Jamie Fraser

Wild Packs Summer Camps

“My Name is Jamie Fraser and I own and manage a recruitment company focused on summer camps in the US. Since our inception, the long term aim of the business has been to purchase a property in Scotland upon which we could develop the infrastructure allowing a US style summer camp program to be offered to British children.

Over the past two years, we have been in a position to look with serious intent at a variety of options on the market and thanks in no small part to the advice of Mr Alexander, we were thrilled to finally conclude on a small estate in the borders a few months past. I would like to stress that I am not in the habit of buying large building or estates and the entire process has been a steep learning curve. I found the bank to be singularly unhelpful when it came to guiding us through what they required and while our solicitors were thorough, we still had to keep pushing to get the deal done.

There is no “start here” guide when considering a commercial purchase so finding the sounding board in Mr Alexander was a real blessing. His considerable experience in the field allowed him to fully appreciate the stress we were going through and to our great relief, offer the heads up advice of what was around the corner. His guidance allowed us to plan through the process and approach each possibility through realistic eyes.

It is all too easy to get excited when you see a place you think you could make work but that does not mean that you can afford it. Mr Alexander helped us realise the true financial implications of each offering which ultimately resulted in us landing on the property we did.

We keep in regular contact with Mr Alexander and his ongoing advice regarding the choreographing of trades and official bodies that we are required to communicate with is genuinely a service I am not sure how we would have succeed without.”

Stuart Mather 

Casa Fresa/DOC Ventures

“I have been mentored by Jerry Alexander since early 2019. My main requirement was someone to hold me accountable for my goals and results. Preferably someone who was also involved in property.

My results have been transformative and we are gearing ourselves up very nicely for a significant 2020. I have also received far more than accountabilty, Jerry has really helped to pull out my specific goals and purpose…then use these to help overcome challenges. It has changed my thought process somewhat and everything we do now is measured closely against our ultimate goals and aspirations. The networking side has been fantastic too, with some great introductions to assist our development projects. Would strongly recommend – the support to me/us has been invaluable.”

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