Developing Listed Buildings – The Pitfalls And Benefits with Anthony Boyce


Show Notes

In response to a recent question in the Commercial Property Investor Facebook Group I asked Anthony Boyce join me to discuss our experiences of redeveloping listed buildings including the processes and challenges we have had to deal with over a combined number of projects  We look at the importance of allowing extra time for the planning process and highlight the need to invest in thorough documentation and research into the history of the building.

We also discuss the financial benefits and unique features of listed buildings that make them attractive projects to work on, sharing our experiences and offering advice on how to navigate the additional requirements and considerations that come with working on listed buildings. 


  • Listed buildings require additional time and planning due to their historical significance and the need for conservation.
  • Working with listed buildings can offer unique and interesting projects with financial benefits.
  • It is important to work with heritage consultants or conservation architects to navigate the additional requirements and documentation needed for listed building consent.
  • There may be grants or funding available for certain aspects of the project, but it is important to carefully consider the long-term sustainability of the building.
  • Detailed analysis and upfront investment in drawings and statements can help streamline the planning process and minimise restrictive conditions.


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