The End Of Year Review For 2023


Show Notes

In this episode I thought it was time to review the goals we had for 2023 and share my plans and expectations for the upcoming year. There were a few including increasing monthly turnover, improving energy costs, finding a new location, and developing The CPI network. Have listen to seemhow they all turned out. I also talk through our plans  for the 2024, including further redevelopment of office space, finding an eighth building, reorganising finance, and growing The CPI Network  


  • The goal for 2023 was to increase the monthly turnover to 125k by June 2024, and we are currently roughly on target 😀
  • We have been working on reducing energy costs by cutting unnecessary usage, generating more of our own energy, and increasing overall income.
  • We have made progress in reducing energy consumption through better controls & replacing lighting, resulting in a 13.8% reduction in electric consumption on one site.
  • We have been focused on developing The CPI network, holding networking events and helping members expand their commercial property portfolios.


“Last year we were excited to reach 100K turnover per month…” 

“We forecasted for the rates in general for our heat and energy to double… So the anticipation of higher costs was part of the reason for a higher turnover target” 

“We’ve spent heavily this year on better controls, replacing lots of lighting… The first results from that so far are a 13.8% reduction in electric consumption on a large busy site.” 

“We failed to generate more of our own energy… But we’re going to work on it.” 

“We’re going to move more towards private investors… to enable us to move quickly on opportunities I’m starting to see on the horizon.” 


If you want to learn more about investing in Commercial Property why not consider joining the CPI-Network of commercial property investors, who are working, learning and supporting each other on the Get in The Swim Membership

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