Does Your Toilet Have A View, and Other Interior Layout Questions


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I discuss the importance of optimising space in commercial properties, specifically focusing on the layout and placement of toilets. I look at the value of windows in office spaces and suggest considering the relocation of toilets to free up window space, as rooms with windows can be rented out at higher rates.

I also highlight the practical considerations involved in moving toilets, such as plumbing and drainage, and share my experiences and strategies for successfully reconfiguring spaces to maximise their potential.


  • Optimising space in commercial properties is crucial for maximising value and attracting higher rental rates.
  • Toilets with windows can be a wasted opportunity for valuable office space, so consider relocating toilets to free up window space.
  • Plumbing and drainage considerations are important when moving toilets, as gravity and proper connections are necessary for effective waste management.
  • Partitioning and designing toilets with multiple doors can help alleviate awkwardness and improve privacy for users.
  • Utilising windows for offices can provide natural light and ventilation, reducing the need for additional ventilation systems and enhancing the overall quality of the space.


“But the more you go through the numbers and the longer you hold on to this building, the more important it becomes that you optimise your space as best as possible.” 

“So, one of the things I try and do is stack the toilets, not on top of each other but per floor, so that you’ve got this service void that you can put your new plumbing in.” 

“I would really, really encourage you to try and do that because it’s so important.” 

“When we reorganised everything, put the toilet core into a different area, opened up all those windows, changed the whole feel of that space, we’re getting five times that amount.”


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