From One Location to Many: Navigating the Challenges of Branding – with Zoe Ellis-Moore


Show Notes

I talk to Zoe Ellis-Moore from Spaces to Places, a company that specialises in helping businesses in the flexible office sector.

We talk about the importance of branding and marketing for businesses that want to scale beyond one location, and explore the challenges and considerations for businesses starting out with one location and the need to establish a strong brand identity. 


  • When starting out with one location, it is still important to consider branding. Understanding your audience and their needs is crucial, even at the early stages.
  • Developing a strong brand becomes even more important when scaling beyond one location. Consider the format and unique selling propositions (USPs) of your brand to differentiate yourself from competitors.
  • Documenting processes and creating a playbook can help streamline operations and ensure consistency as you grow. This includes having a clear brand message and using boilerplate copy to communicate effectively.
  • In rural areas or locations with less competition, there may be more opportunities to share your brand’s personality and connect with the local community. Utilise signage, partnerships, and social proof to establish your presence and build trust with potential customers.


“It’s always brand to sales, that’s what we’re trying to do.” 

“First impressions count so much in this industry.” 

“The biggest lesson is pre-sales with office space or flex office, even co-working, telling people it’s coming in advance.” 

“Differentiation can be your client type or your price point as well.”


Spaces To Places –

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