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Show Notes

    I share some invaluable insights I recently gained upon my travels, focussing on topics such as selling, writing a book, raising finance, big projects, project management, social media insights, and build costs.

    I reflect on the importance of being unapologetic about selling and seeking feedback on sales techniques, and highlight the value of knowing exactly what you’re offering investors and the need for consistent and extensive networking when raising finance. 


    • I received a nudge from a friend to be more unapologetic about selling and to focus on writing a book. This insight highlights the importance of being clear about what you offer and seeking feedback from others.
    • I learned valuable insights about raising finance from a podcast guest. This included the importance of being clear about what you’re offering investors and the need to have numerous meetings and ask for referrals to expand your network.
    • After a discussion with a developer about the role of main contractors in projects, it was suggested that, with the right team and support from experts in areas like health and safety, individuals can still act as the main contractor, rather than outsourcing this role.
    • Start with the title or headline first and then build the content around it, rather than the other way around. This approach can help ensure that the content is engaging and attracts attention.


    “I should be more unapologetic about selling.” 

    “Know exactly what you’re about and what you’re offering investors. Be very clear. No wishy-washy here.”

    “Always pick the title first, then build the content around that.” 

    “We all need to get a good handle on these numbers and how different spends can affect the quality of the final product.”


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