Wedding venue : Wedderlie Castle update with Jamie Fraser


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    In this episode I am joined again by my good friend Jamie Fraser, who shares an update with us on the last two years of trading. He previously shared his experience of transforming a 500-year-old castle into an exclusive rural wedding venue. We discuss the challenges the team have faced during the last two-years, including lots of building challenges, operational lessons and navigating the aftershock of the pandemic.

    He also highlights the unique approach they take, offering a more relaxed and personalised wedding experience, and emphasises the importance of creating a space where guests can come together and enjoy each other’s company. 


    • Wedderlie has successfully established itself as a residential wedding venue, attracting couples who want to bring their loved ones together for a weekend of celebration and relaxation.
    • The venue offers exclusive use of the property, including accommodation for up to 54 people (excluding babies), two barns, and additional outdoor spaces.
    • The venue has seen a steady increase in bookings and inquiries, with couples booking weddings up to 2026. The owners are continuously evaluating their pricing and value proposition to ensure they are competitive in the market.
    • The owners have learned from quickly from initial mistakes and have made massive improvements to the property. They continue to invest in the venue to enhance the overall experience for couples and their guests.


    “We’re semi-DIY, so we still employ two full-time events coaches.” 

    “We’re sold out for next year, which is great. We are halfway through 2025 with bookings. We’ve just experienced our best week yet for inquiries.” 

    “We’re twice what we charged for our initial bookings. Compared to many other options out there, we’re very reasonable for what we offer.” 


    Wedderlie –

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