Trust Your Gut Or Ignore It At Your Peril


Show Notes

I explore the importance of trusting your gut as a savvy investor, emphasising the need to pay attention to signals and cues from potential clients, particularly in terms of communication and decision-making. 

I highlight the significance of clear vision and business acumen in successful deals, urging you to trust your instincts when something doesn’t feel right. I also discuss the importance of mutual respect in professional relationships and the value of saying no when necessary. 


  • Trust your gut. Your gut can pick up on signals and red flags that may indicate potential issues with clients or deals.
  • Pay attention to the consistency and clarity of communication from potential clients. Smooth and transparent communication is a positive sign, while sporadic and vague communication may be a cause for caution.
  • Clients who constantly change their minds or can’t settle on what they want can be a red flag. A clear vision is important for a successful deal, so if a potential client is indecisive, it may be time to reassess.
  • Look for clarity in what potential clients do and their level of business acumen. While startups can be a good addition, it’s important to assess if they have a clear plan and understanding of their business.


“Get through the pain of saying no as quickly as you can.” 

“Your gut knows that that clear vision is really important for a successful deal.” 

“And every no is a lesson, right? Every successful deal is a testament to your growing instincts.” 

“Trust your instinct. In the business world, clarity is really important.”


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