What Is The Best Commercial Property Strategy For Beginners?


Show Notes

This time, I address a common question: what is the best commercial property investment strategy for beginners? I share my own experiences in the world of commercial property investing, dispelling any glamorous notions and highlighting the practical challenges i’ve faced.

I also discuss the importance of taking action and getting started, even if it means starting with a simple buy-to-let property or a small-scale mixed-use development, and encourage you to tailor your initial investments to your comfort level and goals


  • The best commercial property investment strategy for beginners may vary depending on their comfort level and aspirations.
  • Starting with a simple buy-to-let property with a tenant already in place can provide confidence and help get things moving.
  • Consider exploring more interesting options, such as small mixed-use developments or commercial multiple occupancy, to add value and gain experience.
  • Overcoming inertia and taking action is crucial, even if it means starting with a safer and less risky investment.
  • Building a network, earning street cred, and gaining experience are valuable benefits that come with taking action in the commercial property market.


“What is the best commercial property investment strategy for beginners?” 

“Baby steps might be the right answer.” 

“A straightforward buy to let with no tenant will give you that ability to add value.” 

“The most expensive thing though, the thing that will cost you the most is actually probably doing nothing.” VALUABLE RESOURCES

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