How Can You Tell If A Customer Is Being Unfaithful?


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This week, I’m exploring the topic of identifying signs that a customer may be considering moving on to a different property partner. Drawing parallels to personal relationships, I talk about the importance of recognising subtle clues that indicate a client’s potential unfaithfulness. From changes in behavior and communication patterns to secretive property searches and hesitations during lease or license negotiations, I’ll provide you with a playful guide to interpreting these signs. 


  • Pay attention to signs of a wandering eye: Look for signs such as ignoring messages, cutting short conversations, or avoiding eye contact, which may indicate that a customer is considering other options.
  • Changes in behaviour can be a red flag: If a tenant’s behaviour takes a different turn, such as using different types of communication or showing hesitations or reluctance to discuss lease renewals, it could be a sign that they are exploring other options.
  • Look out for secretive property searches: Similar to hidden dating profiles, tenants may discreetly search for other properties or have discussions with other landlords about breaking their agreement early. Unusual requests or inquiries about breaking a lease or license can be indicators of potential unfaithfulness.
  • Build relationships with local agents and competition: Fostering relationships with local agents and competitors can provide valuable information about clients who may be considering a move. Sharing information about difficult clients and maintaining open communication channels can help stay ahead of potential departures.


“Sometimes they find it really hard not to give off that signal. It might be that they just care for you and they want to let you down gently.” 

“Those secret property searches are like hidden dating profiles. They’re out there. They’ve maybe searched with a local agent or they’ve maybe searched with a national agent.” 

“Do you confront or do you inquire? This depends on your relationship. Do you have one of your staff members perhaps or yourself who has an ear of an employee or a business director in the said business?”


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