Is 2024 Going To Be A Good Year For Commercial Property Investing?


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Let’s address the question on every investor’s mind: Is 2024 a good year to dive into commercial real estate?

Turns out, the answer to this question is highly personal and depends on each investor’s circumstances. I’ll share my observations of the market, noting that while there were some challenges towards the end of last year, the new year has brought positive signs with increased inquiries and viewings. 


  • The dynamics of the commercial property market are shifting, creating both challenges and opportunities.
  • The decision of whether 2024 will be a good year for investing in commercial real estate depends on each individual investor’s circumstances.
  • Optimism, planning, and action are key factors in navigating the market and making the most of opportunities.
  • Different sectors of commercial real estate, such as office space, industrial, storage, and retail, have varying trends and dynamics.
  • Investors have control over their own commercial property journey and can shape their success through active participation, knowledge gathering, and decision-making.


“It’s kind of a loaded question, really, isn’t it? Should investors be getting into commercial in 2024? Well, The truth is, it’s incredibly specific to each investor’s circumstances.” 

“The dynamics of the market are shifting, right? It’s creating both challenges and opportunities, but that uncertainty and some of the financial hurdles and different things might be causing problems, but they’re also driving down some prices.” 

“I think optimism planning and action are the three key factors here. And sure, if you’re maybe a wee bit of a You’re finding it difficult to have optimism. As long as you’re taking action and you’re planning, then that’s going to make a big difference.” 

“So is 2024 going to be a good year? The answer lies in your hands. It’s more about making plans, taking necessary actions and being prepared for the opportunities that will undoubtedly arise.”


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