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OfficeRnD Flex, the leading coworking and flex space management platform, empowers over 2,500 locations globally to enhance workplace experiences. Utilising OfficeRnD Flex, coworking and flex operators, asset managers, and landlords streamline billing, employ data-driven insights, and elevate member satisfaction.

Each month, operators generate approximately 100,000 invoices and manage over $140 million in revenue through the platform. Trusted by major flex brands such as CommonDesk, Serendipity Labs, and Hub Australia, OfficeRnD Flex serves as the central integration point with essential workplace systems, freeing operators to concentrate on scaling their portfolio.


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"Ever since implementing OfficeRnD back in 2021, it's been like flipping a switch to a whole new level of efficiency!"

This platform has completely revolutionised our building management, bidding farewell to tedious spreadsheets and introducing streamlined operations. Imagine OfficeRnD Flex as the smooth operator, effortlessly syncing with a myriad of software, including accounting systems like Xero. It handles tasks from billing and invoice generation to contract management and customer engagement with finesse.

Connecting these dots was a top priority for us as we firmly believe that a frictionless customer journey is the cornerstone of success. And with OfficeRnD Flex handling the day-to-day operations, we’re empowered to concentrate on expanding our portfolio and curating exceptional experiences for our members.


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